1. How to stay cool and rock in Kurtas

    How to stay cool and rock in Kurtas

    Let’s bask in the simplicity!

    Dressing up is an art. And some of us take a lot of pleasure in. But picking the right outfit may seem a difficult task. Have you experienced the feeling of standing in front of your wardrobe, completely confused, not sure what to wear? Worry not, we have come up with certain ideas of how to stay cool and rock in Kurtas.

    1. Cotton Kurta

    Whatever the weather, cotton suits everyone. It is better to opt for cotton Kurtis, given the fact that they allow air to pass in and out; to keep us cool throughout the day. It is not compulsory to wear cotton clothes only in summer, if you can select the right pattern and comfortable clothes, you can flaunt them while looking cool and stylish in any season. Light, cool and happy colors like white, lemon yellow, sky blue, light green, peach, etc.keep us happy and cool. Simple yet beautiful, pairing them with Patiala pants, dhoti pants and palazzo pants are best suited for summer as they don't stick to our body helps in keeping us cool.

    2. Straight Kurta

    Planning for a Dinner Party? Try straight Kurtas. Not only will it make an ideal outfit for a family dinner party, but it is also just perfect. When you are not in a mood to dress up in ethnic, straight kurtas come handy as they neither look ‘too loud’ nor ‘typical’ or ‘traditional’. The plus point is, these kurtas have a comfortable silhouette making it apt for such any pleasant event.

    3. Short Kurta

    Catching up with old friends means that you will have a lot of things to catch up on. Opt for these easy, breezy short kurtas that look cool when they are paired with Dhoti, Patiala or Palazzo pants. You can even pair them with your favorite jeans. Not only is this look cool and comfortable but also chic, classily keeping things.

    4. Asymmetrical Kurta

    It's time to look like a chick with asymmetrical Kurtis that come in solid colors or that have some cool prints. Let us share a trick with you. If you select solid-colored kurta, then opt for printed palazzo/leggings. While if you select Kurti with prints on it then select solid-colored palazzo/leggings to make a statement.

    5. Anarkali Kurta

    Want to look both sassy and classy? Buy Designer Anarkali Ladies Tops in Chennai that can be paired with palazzo pants to look classy as well as leggings to add a bit of glamorous look.

    6. Front Slit Kurta

    Front slit kurtas are the most trending these days as they make us look slim, tall and also can keep us cool, irrelevant of the weather. You can pair them with palazzo pants to look more stylish.

    7. Vibrant Colored Kurta

    You don’t need an occasion to wear bright, vibrant dresses. Your dress can affect our mood. Try bright colored kurtas in order to make your day bright. Try this kurta and bottom together at  Best Women Boutiques in Chennai for a happy celebration. Try to match your child’s clothing color with yours to do a twinning.

    Last but not least, whatever the material, pattern, and design dress we may wear, the only thing that can make us stylish and attractive is CONFIDENCE. Yes, whatever be your situation, your skin tone, your body figure, these don’t matter when you decide to walk with a smile and confidence.

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  2. A guide to Indian business casual fashion

    A guide to Indian business casual fashion

    In modern times and rapidly changing fashion scene, smart casual dressing in the business environment plays a vital role. Clothes tell a lot about the person and the way you dress and carry yourself also reflects on your personality. Your attire and the way you carry yourself helps you get positive vibes from those around you.

    The most important part, however, is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. It gets hard sometimes to choose what to wear every day and here are some suggestions that can help you choose your professional business casuals.


    The quintessential saree has seen a rapid makeover over the ears with crop tops, different forms of drapes rocking the scene. It is one of the most acceptable professional outfits that women of India can wear on business. They come in a whole lot of patterns, colours and materials. While well starched and pressed cotton dominates the business scene, linen is firmly laying its magic. Avoid garish patterns and loud colours and opt for sober colours with delicate embroidery that look graceful and dignified. Use minimal makeup and classy jewellery to maintain a professional look and feel.

    Formal Skirts and Shirt

    A formal knee-length skirt and a matching top are best suited for a multinational if a formal dress code is followed. Skirt suits can be in conservative neutral colours too such as black, navy, deep blue that gives a professional look. Make sure to pick up a classy silk or linen shirt to go with your skirt. The whole look can be customized at Best Women Boutiques in Chennai.

    Formal trouser and shirt

    You can look at a serious fashionista and a worker at the same time. With a blend of fashion and professionalism, you can look chic and attractive in a trouser-shirt combo. Pick up pieces that go well with your look and figure. Keep your makeup simple and go for heels or shoes that go with the overall look.

    Kurti-Palazzo/Leggings Combo

    A well-dressed woman always gains more attention and authority at a workplace and hence you should look your best in the outfit of your choice before heading to work. Different patterns and types are available in the market as per need. Choose one as per choice to feel comfortable like A-Line Kurti, Long straight Kurti etc. You can even pair them up with jeans to look more fashionable. A simple plain Kurti goes best with dark warm shaded jeans.

    You are what you wear. Dress smart and keep the curiosity alive. Fusion dressing is on the cards of many in the office-wear category. Make a conscious effort to look and dress distinctly different from colleagues. With more women joining the workforce, their buying power has certainly gone up, and so has their awareness of how they look and project. Buy Trendiest Clothes in Chennai at Stitches and also get your clothes customized as per need. More than your love of fashion, it's a drive to help you cultivate and embrace your style which is our philosophy at Stitches.

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  3. How to stay your perfect style this Monsoon

    How to stay your perfect style this Monsoon

    Monsoons are meant to be just laid back and chill. Some even say it’s the season of “Romance”, and with the season of romance, make sure your wardrobe has the latest buzz and is monsoon friendly as well

    Monsoon is all about bright colours and minimalist looks. Designers continue to improve the art of fashion with their beautiful patterns that give a sunny look on any rainy day. The showers of monsoon are just right to refurbish your wardrobe.

    Special trends hit the shop racks as you make that perfect choice of wardrobe for monsoon weather. Bright colours and pastel tones go a long way to uplift one’s spirit and make you ready for the upcoming gloomy muggy months.Opt for fitted garments that can be easier to wear and be hassle-free this season

    “Time for a revamp”

    1) Culottes

    A perfect substitute for those boring old denim and trousers. You can team it up with a basic t-shirt, short kurta, or a crop top and slay your look! Make it a must-have for monsoon.

    Get a Matching Two Piece Outfit Sets like this

    2) Wear light

    Opt for light and breathable fabrics like cotton, rayon, silks. Synthetic clothes must be avoided completely. Spruce up your wardrobe with something like ruffles that not everyone will attempt at.

    Buy Tunic Tops For Women Online in Chennai like this

    3) Go short

    Opt for shorts, skirts, and middy dresses that are most convenient to carry off in the monsoon. You can also team them up quirky accessories. Try flowery prints in this monsoon, add some dazzle to your wardrobe on rainy days.

    A Smart casual that can never go wrong.

    4) Play with colours

    Go Colour Splash! Works well with all moods and personalities. Go stylish yet comfy by wearing playsuits that are easy to wear, breathable and convenient. Go for pink, blue, orange and yellow that can work well when combined with neutrals.

    5) Skirts

    The good old classic skirt and top are you must-go-to ensembles this season. Experiment with the print on print trend. You can even opt for formal skirts and team them with fashionable floral shirts to look fashionable. Opt for a mid-line or midi skirt either than a pencil skirt to travel comfortably.

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    From the latest styles to classic pieces you can’t live without, Stitches is your ultimate

    contemporary boutique! We tailor-make simple and elegant outfits predominantly in cotton and Khadi. Our seasonal styles offer something for everyone... you’ll always find something new to fall in love with, at best prices you can afford. Step-in, choose the fabric and style and let us weave magic into your dream ensemble.

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